Shin Nihon Tsusho Co., Ltd. was established in 1954 in Tokyo Japan with slogan "A Hobby today, a Profession tomorrow". Our goal is to let every child be more closer to natural science.
We have produced a lot of million-sales items such as telescopes, microscopes and other various kind of optical products for educational scientific field. And I'm happy to say that a lot of children in the world are having exciting experiences of nature's wonder with our products.

Children love experiments and observation. Let's go to the world of science with your child, using microscopes for micro-cosmos, telescopes for macro-cosmos and all those as a communication tools between parents and children.

We will keep focusing on creating a lot of valuable products which help children to be grown up as a men/women who respects life of creatures and natural science. Please do let us know if you have comments on our products, or any requests what kind of science toys you want (or want your child) to play with.

Ichi Konno, CEO